Lauren Jenkins - NYC

My good friend & musician Lauren Jenkins was up in NYC recently for a show, & had just enough time to meet for a quick portrait session. I always love shooting with Lauren, & NYC as a backdrop didn't disappoint. 


She's currently out supporting Delta Rae on their tour until the end of June, check her website for show dates!!

Killing Some Rolls

A couple weeks ago my good friend (and amazing musician!) Aaron flew up to New York to hang in the city. Amongst all the dive bars & coffee houses, we found some time to go explore a bit with our cameras. We met up with Sulene (another amazing musician!) and wandered around north Williamsburg's industrial zone, snapping pics & catching up on each other's lives.

I brought out the 35mm camera to kill off a couple of rolls I've been meaning to bring in to develop, and I'm glad i did. these shots are some of my favorites so far this year!

Red Bull Studios - BIO:DIP with Caroline Polachek

Last week I headed over to Red Bull Studios in New York to shoot Caroline Polachek perform at the BIO:DIP art installation. described it best:

Centered around themes of filtration and psychotropics, 'BIO:DIP' presents sensory work by Hayden Dunham and Nicolas Lobo; from large, fragrant soap sculptures atop overturned pools, to clouds of psychoactive chemicals wafting across the floor.

Caroline Polachek of Chairlift did a DJ set at the event, including an original, binaural piece that tied in perfectly with the art on display!