"Precious" - iDance Mikey

I'm so happy to finally be able to share this piece we shot earlier in the summer!! A few months ago I got a call from Andrew Weir of ACW Worldwide; he had found this astoundingly-talented dancer named iDance Mikey on the internet, and wanted to showcase his talents in a short film. Teaming up with renowned creative director Gregory Mastrianni, they crafted a concept and called it "Precious" (after the Depeche Mode song of the same name). After a few initial creative meetings and location scouts, we bought a train ticket for Mikey to come to New York.

Bushwick, with it's graffiti-laden walls and factories that are still in operation, was the perfect setting for this piece and photographed beautifully.

Mikey, in his full-body jumpsuit and black Converse, present a stark contrast to his surroundings. The choreography plays into his character seamlessly, and all together presents a story of fragile beings in a broken world.