Museum of Feelings

After traveling for the better part of the year, it's nice to have a couple of weeks off in New York before going home for the holidays. Time to go exploring! Yesterday I met up with my good friend JW and we headed down to lower Manhattan to see the Museum of Feelings, an interactive art installation.

Each room is based on a particular scent by Glade candles (the sponsor of the event), with the visuals to match. The outside of the building changes colors based off of data collected from social media, projecting the city's general mood at that moment (yesterday New York was somewhere between joyful and invigorated).

Make sure you get there early, the line to get in is always pretty long. Since we had so much time we had a mini shoot while waiting to get in.

We had to wait for around 45min, so we got a little weird towards the end...

But then we finally got in!!! The entrance was bathed in technicolor as an employee gave us the rundown on what to expect. Then we entered the 1st room, with a giant rotating kaleidoscope lit by beams of light reflected from the ceiling. 

The next few rooms had everything from fiber optic forests, to mirror-filled coves bathed in video-projected animations you could control with a touchscreen, to dance halls with neon circles that followed you wherever you went. they give you these light refracting glasses that take everything up a notch, if it was enough already. It was quite literally a sensory explosion.

The final room was a round space glowing purple. once everyone was inside they pumped the room full of dry ice, giving the effect of being in a cloud. Or the Hotline Bling music video. I'm gonna say it was more the latter than the former :)

All-in-all an interesting experience, especially considering admission was free.  If you have the time to wait and want to get some bomb pics, definitely make your way to this exhibit! It closes on the 15th so make sure you go soon.