Lauren Jenkins - NYC

My good friend & musician Lauren Jenkins was up in NYC recently for a show, & had just enough time to meet for a quick portrait session. I always love shooting with Lauren, & NYC as a backdrop didn't disappoint. 


She's currently out supporting Delta Rae on their tour until the end of June, check her website for show dates!!

"Precious" - iDance Mikey

I'm so happy to finally be able to share this piece we shot earlier in the summer!! A few months ago I got a call from Andrew Weir of ACW Worldwide; he had found this astoundingly-talented dancer named iDance Mikey on the internet, and wanted to showcase his talents in a short film. Teaming up with renowned creative director Gregory Mastrianni, they crafted a concept and called it "Precious" (after the Depeche Mode song of the same name). After a few initial creative meetings and location scouts, we bought a train ticket for Mikey to come to New York.

Bushwick, with it's graffiti-laden walls and factories that are still in operation, was the perfect setting for this piece and photographed beautifully.

Mikey, in his full-body jumpsuit and black Converse, present a stark contrast to his surroundings. The choreography plays into his character seamlessly, and all together presents a story of fragile beings in a broken world.

Geoffrey Louis Koch

A few months ago while on a trip to Nashville, I had the pleasure of shooting a few portraits of Geoffrey Louis Koch, a folk/indie songwriter. After quick introductions, we headed out around the Germantown neighborhood and caught a few great shots while the sun was setting.

Since I was visiting, I only had a couple hours for a quick location scout the day before, and had to keep my fingers crossed that the weather would hold out since a re-schedule wouldn't be possible. Luckily it was a perfect evening, and with the help of Amy Handegard we created some really stunning images.  

I'm planning to be back in Nashville this fall, and I'm always open to meet and shoot with new people!

Killing Some Rolls

A couple weeks ago my good friend (and amazing musician!) Aaron flew up to New York to hang in the city. Amongst all the dive bars & coffee houses, we found some time to go explore a bit with our cameras. We met up with Sulene (another amazing musician!) and wandered around north Williamsburg's industrial zone, snapping pics & catching up on each other's lives.

I brought out the 35mm camera to kill off a couple of rolls I've been meaning to bring in to develop, and I'm glad i did. these shots are some of my favorites so far this year!

Red Bull Studios - BIO:DIP with Caroline Polachek

Last week I headed over to Red Bull Studios in New York to shoot Caroline Polachek perform at the BIO:DIP art installation. described it best:

Centered around themes of filtration and psychotropics, 'BIO:DIP' presents sensory work by Hayden Dunham and Nicolas Lobo; from large, fragrant soap sculptures atop overturned pools, to clouds of psychoactive chemicals wafting across the floor.

Caroline Polachek of Chairlift did a DJ set at the event, including an original, binaural piece that tied in perfectly with the art on display!